History of NaTMEC

The original concept for NaTMEC spawned from a workshop held in 1974 in Orlando, FL. Then, in 1983, the first National Conference on Weigh-in-Motion was held in Denver, CO. It morphed into the National Traffic Data Acquisition Conference in 1990, and became NATMEC (with a capital A, for “North American”) in 1998, when it was held in Charlotte, NC. Now, 22 years later, the conference is coming back to North Carolina, this time in Raleigh, on June 1-4, 2020.

Previously, this conference was run by State DOTs or the Transportation Research Board. This will be the second conference organized by a University Transportation Center. The 2020 NaTMEC will be the second time a USDOT-funded University Transportation Center (UTC) plans the conference under the leadership of the CSCRS and advised by a Conference Planning Committee. All throughout its history, the Federal Highway Administration has also supported, co-sponsored, or otherwise contributed to planning this event.

No matter the lead planning organization or conference structure, NaTMEC has always emphasized information exchange that helps transportation professionals carry out their daily job. This isn’t to say research-oriented presentations have no place, but that these should focus on practice-ready research.