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June 10-13, 2018


Organized and Hosted by Pacific Southwest Region University Transportation Center (PSR UTC).

Supported by FHWA, AASHTO, ITE, ASCE, PSR.


I. 2018 Opening plenary session presentations                                                                 II. Closing plenary session
 FHWA CA Division NaTMEC      Stephen Ritchie NaTMEC                                                Tianjia Tang      
 ISWIM - A Brief Introduction     The Office of Highway Policy Information, FHWA

II. 2018 Track session presentations




Traffic Data Tools

Best practices related to traffic data analysis, quality assurance, reporting, storage, and presentation methods, including software and specialized products for motorized, bicyclist or pedestrians:

  • Data Integration, Analysis, and Quality Assurance

  • Data Visualization

  • Data Reporting

  • Vendor tools and technologies

  • Hot Topics:

    • Big data analysis

    • Geospatial analysis techniques

    • Open data and portals

    • Using third party data

Traffic Data Collection

Innovations related to traffic monitoring equipment, field fundamentals, technology, maintenance, and data collection methods for motorized, bicyclist or pedestrian traffic:

  • Traffic Volume, Travel Time/Speed, Vehicle Classification and Vehicle Weight (Weigh-in-Motion WIM) and Per Vehicle Formatted (PVF) Data

  • Travel Mode, Travel Purpose and Origin Destination

  • Equipment and Technologies

  • Hot Topics:

    • Non-intrusive (video and others)

    • Low volume roadways

    • Portable WIM

    • Connected and autonomous vehicles for collecting data

Traffic Data Utilization

Shared experiences, innovations, and best practices using motorized, bicyclist or pedestrian traffic data:

  • Federal Programs

  • State Programs

  • Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Programs

  • Local Programs

  • Non-Governmental Agencies

  • Hot Topics:

    • Interactive mapping

    • Congestion management

    • Data sharing between agencies

Traffic Data Applications

Utilizing traffic data in various applications:

  • Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS)

  • Asset Management and Infrastructure Design

  • Performance Management and Measurement

  • Program Administration, Operations, Planning and Safety

  • Freight Movement

  • Air Quality/Conformity

  • Hot Topics:

    • Connected and autonomous vehicle traffic data

    • Travel Time Reliability

    • Bicyclist and Pedestrian Facility Planning

    • The Office of Highway Policy Information, FHWANational Performance Management Research Data Set (NPMRDS)


For more information about NaTMEC, please contact

Dr. Victoria Deguzman, Associate Director, PSR UTC

University of Southern California

Phone:  (213) 821-1025

Email: VictoriV@usc.ed

The biennial National Travel Monitoring Exposition and Conference (NaTMEC) provides travel monitoring professionals and transportation data users from around the world opportunities to share knowledge and good practices, exchange ideas, revisit fundamental concepts, learn new processes, procedures and techniques, and see the latest advancements in policy, technology, and equipment.  

The goal of the conference is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of multimodal traffic monitoring programs covering motorized, bicyclist, and pedestrian movements to enhance data driven decisions in areas of performance management, planning and design, asset management, safety, and program administration.  In addition to the indoor vendor area, an outdoor demonstration area will be available for vendor use.